Dial "N" for Nerder
Smoke on the Daughter
Papa Don't Leech
Chazz Busby: Who the hell... taught you to stand like that?
Lisa: This is the way I always stand when I tell adults what they should be doing!

Chazz Busby: Ah-ah! En pointe!
Lisa: This is so hard.
Dancer: Get used to it. We ballerinas are under constant pressure to stay focused, skinny, graceful and skinny.
Lisa: How do you cope with it?
Dancer: You find out what works you.For some people it might be yoga, for others, meditation. But for every ballerina in the world, it's cigarettes.

Lisa: Nothing like fresh air! (breathes in smoke) Fresh air!

Apu: I do not thank you and I will not come again!

Marge: Do you need more legwarmers?
Lisa: No! Stop buying me legwarmers! I'm already wearing six pairs!

(Bart sees Lisa taking second-hand smoke and calls home.)
Homer: Hello. She what?! Oh, my God! Well, I'm going to settle this once and for all! Meet me at that place we discussed. (hangs up)
Marge: Who was that?
Homer: Wrong number.

Homer: Stop saying things, Bart. That's the TV's job.

Homer: This is my favorite family tradition, ice cream after a botched recital.

Lisa: Cigarettes? They can kill you! They did a whole episode about it on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack tried to impress a girl by smoking, but she went for Cody instead. Ha. Zack's life wasn't so sweet then.

Homer: Son, while your mother and little mother are out, I'm gonna let you in on a deep, dark family secret.
Bart: You have a drinking problem?
Homer: I said secret.

(Homer and Lisa are excited about the latest Angelica Button book.)
Lisa: The last book in the series goes on sale at midnight and we're gonna go stand in line.
Bart: Wait in line for a book? You tell 'em Bart says hey.
Homer: Come on, boy. All the nerds are doing it.
Bart: I'm not a nerd. I'm a jock who's too cool for sports.

(Chazz Busby's TV commercial.)
Chazz Busby: See that? That's talent. Think you got it? You don't. 'Cause only I can teach it and I ain't taught you, so you don't. The Chazz Busby Ballet Academy is coming to Springfield. Auditions are Monday. Callbacks are Tuesday. Wednesday, you see I'm a heartless bastard. Thursday you realize you love me, damn it. Friday, we're closed.

Marge: Homie, I'm gonna be a dancer!
Homer: Go-go or boring?
Marge: Boring!
(Homer moans)

Chazz Busby: I haven't seen crap like this since my Broadway show Crap Like This. Ran for five years.

Homer: I can't believe you were smoking. Do you know the "sturgeon" general said you're not supposed to?
Lisa: A "sturgeon" is a fish.
Homer: And a very wise fish he is!

Lisa: So what happened?
Marge: My bosoms grew in and ruined my balance.
Lisa: Really? How?
Marge: They came in one at a time.
Lisa: Mom, do you think mine...
Marge: No, I'm pretty sure you'll have your father's boobs.

Bart: Dad, you never win in a fight against animals. Remember your war with the worms?
Homer: That was not a defeat, that was a phased withdrawl.
Bart: Then why did they made you build that statue? (points at statue of Homer bowing at a worm, titled "Worms are better than me")
Homer: They multiply when I cut them. I can't fight that.

Marge: Lisa, have I ever shown you my shattered-dreams box?
Lisa: No.
Marge: It's upstairs, in my disappointments closet.
Lisa: Oh! Oh.

Apu: Ugh, you have wasted my time! (menacingly) You have made a very powerless enemy! Good day, and be well.

Homer: Who could have done this?
Bart: Well, something chewed through the cellar door, and the floor is covered with pawprints.
Homer: This can only mean one thing!
(cut to Homer holding up Ned Flanders' sweater)
Homer: Flanders, you ate my jerky!
Ned: As the oak said to the beagle, you're barking up the wrong tree! I spent the whole morning blanking out the "goshes" and "darns" of this Hardy Boys book!
Homer: I know you ate my jerky, just like I ate your earthquake supplies.

Homer: Awww, they're using the jerky to feed their family! Look, there's a Homer, and a Bart, and a Marge and a Lisa! Awww, they even share my views on parenting.
(Homer raccoon strangles Bart raccoon)

(It's windy and Lisa can't breathe the smoke)
Lisa: Oh, what am I doing? I don't need second-hand smoke to do ballet. (Grabs an alight cigarette on the ground) I need first-hand smoke! (Slowly approaches the cigarette to her mouth)
Homer: LISA! Give me that! (grabs the cigarette, stomps on it, pulls a gun and starts shooting the ground) I can't believe how easy it is in this country to get cigarettes. (Puts the gun in his jacket with the other guns and angrily looks at Lisa)

Homer: Because it means so much to your mother, you can keep doing ballet. But you have to stop smoking, including second-hand!
Lisa: That's easy for you to say, you've never had to be thin and focused!
Homer: (eating a hamburger, with mouth full) What'd you say?
Lisa: I'm just saying it's gonna be hard for me to quit, especially before the recital!
Homer: I thought you might have trouble with this. That's why I'm assigning someone to keep watch over you. Someone you'd never expect.
Lisa: Is it Bart?
Homer: D'oh! Come on out, boy.
(Bart comes out from the bushes)
Bart: For the next three days, I'm gonna stick to you like waffle syrup on a shag rug. I'm gonna be on you like fish stink on a gloucester dog. I'm gonna be all over you like-- Hey, where'd she go?

Dancer: They don't call these Dancer Sticks for nothing!
Lisa: I thought they were Cancer Sticks!
Dancer: (puts a cigarette on each ear) I dan't dear dou!!

Mayor Quimby: Lord, I could use a smoke. (sack of looted Laramies lands on the bed) Thank you, God. Cigarette?
Miss Springfield: Can't. I'm pregnant.
Mayor Quimby: One more favor?

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