Dial "N" for Nerder
Smoke on the Daughter
Papa Don't Leech

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to the song "Smoke on the Water", by Deep Purple.
  • Angelica Button is a parody of Harry Potter.
  • When Bart raises his head out of the pile of leg warmers in the smoke outside, the song "The End" by The Doors is heard, mirroring a sequence in the film Apocalypse Now, where Willard raises up from the mud. He is also wearing green cameo body paint.
  • After Lisa quits ballet and rejects Busby, he puts on a bowler hat and struts out of the theater to the song "On Broadway", referencing a dance sequence in All That Jazz.
  • Lisa makes a reference to the Disney Channel TV series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
    • She mentioned that there was once an episode where Zack tried to impress a girl by taking up smoking, but this turned the girl off and she wound up going for Cody instead. This never happened in the real TV show.
      • This section was edited out in repeats because of copyright issues.
      • Disney Channel would never portray someone smoking as it is a family friendly network.
  • Homer's mispronunciation of "Surgeon-General" as "Sturgeon-General" is a reference to the movie "Corrina, Corrina", starring Whoopi Goldberg and Ray Liotta. In it, a small child refers to the "sturgeon-general"'s health warning about the dangers of smoking as an explanation for burying the adult characters supplies of cigarettes in her sandpit.
  • The family watch CSI, the commercials feature Friends (Lisa Kudrow).
  • Marge's shattered dreams mainly revolve around stethoscopes; doctor, safecracker, stethoscope saleslady.
  • The music that plays as the raccoon climbs into the Ballet School sounds a lot like the theme from The Pink Panther.
  • The sequence and music where the ballet teacher dances onto the bus is a parody of both Rocky and Chorusline.
  • On the couch gag Wile E. Coyote paints a fake couch which the Simpsons run into.


  • This marks the second time a Simpson family member took up ballet.
  • The Lisa raccoon is eating an acorn instead of jerky, in reference to the real Lisa's vegetarianism.
  • The last time Homer came across an animal family that resembled his occurred in the Tracey Ullman short Zoo Story.


  • Ned Flanders and his sons are among the group of fans waiting for the release of the Angelica Button's new book despite his beliefs against magic, as explained in The Great Money Caper and Trilogy of Error.
  • Homer shoots the cigarette, but you can only use guns for protection. For other uses, you need to be a cop. State and local governments are not obligated to enforce gun laws.
  • There was still a pack of cigarettes the raccoon never stole. It is possible the raccoon stole the pack off camera.
  • In the very beginning, when Homer is first seen in his Lord Evilton snake costume (when he sneaks into Bart's room), the costume has a snake mask that covers Homer's entire head. But afterward, when the family is going to the book release, Homer's costume just has a hood that shows his face through the snake's neck.

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