Sneakers is a reality TV show produced in Springfield.


The premise of Sneakers is that one partner in a relationship suspects the other of cheating, and the show investigates to find out whether it's true. The investigation uses tactics of questionable legality, such as stalking suspected cheaters everywhere they go and planting spy cameras in places such as motel room showers. The show purports to help couples by investigating the cheating allegations, but in reality, the show is only interested in the ratings. The Sneakers producers exploit the couples' situations for maximum dramatic effect; whether the couples are actually helped is entirely irrelevant. If anything, the show is more inclined to deliberately split couples up than it is to help them resolve their issues.

Homer's and Marge's Appearance

When Homer gains weight after starting a new diet, Marge wonders whether Homer is cheating on the diet. Then she sees a Sneakers ad on TV and decides to call the show, thinking that they might also work with diet cheating. Zack (who appears in the show's ads) agrees to air Marge's story, and the crew puts Homer under surveillance. They videotape him taking a stack of syrupy pancakes (which he has disguised as a woman) into a motel room and eating on the pancakes in bed and in the shower. The shower footage disgusts even Zack, and for the first time in his career, he orders the cameras to be turned off.

Finally, the show stages the confrontation between Homer and Marge, where Homer is supposed to be exposed as a cheater while Marge tears into him. However, Marge finally sees through the show's tactics, and delivers a resounding slap to Zack instead of to Homer. Then she calls him out for trying to split up her and Homer instead of helping them.

Zack, however, is totally unfazed. After Marge slaps him and chews him out, Zack announces that he's going to get to work on editing the footage to make Marge look more insane.

Behind the Laughter

  • Sneakers is a parody of the reality TV show Cheaters.


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