Sneaking in at Noon
Sneaking in at Noon
is a song by Homer Simpson, with a line by Barney Gumble, which Homer sang as he was sneaking into work late. It was written by Justin Hurwitz and appeared in the episode, "The Falcon and the D'ohman." The song is a parody of "Walking on the Moon" by The Police.


What the?
Quiet steps are what I take,
Sneaking in at noon.
Just in time for my lunch break,
Got my fork and spoon.
Time the cameras just right,
Duck in the bathroom.
Hi Homer!
Homer :
I'm still drunk from last night,
Got driven home, I don't know by whom.
Some. May say.
I don't deserve any pay.
But hey. I came up with '60s day. Last May.


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