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Homer Looking at Map (Artwork) This article is about the Snowball II that died in "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot".

Are you looking for the current Snowball II, which is also known as Snowball V?

Snowball II was the Simpson family's second cat. Snowball II was named after Snowball I. Though Snowball I had white fur, which obviously inspired her name, Snowball II had black fur and greenish/yellow eyes.


Snowball I[]

The original Snowball I got hit by a car, and Lisa got a new cat, whom she named Snowball II. Her name is slightly ironic because her fur is black unlike the original Snowball's fur or an actual snowball that is white.

Snowball II

Snowball II, Maggie and Santa's Little Helper

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Snowball II once pulled Homer out of a burning tree house built by the Amish after Santa's Little Helper ran away. She has also tried desperately to get attention. When Santa's Little Helper had puppies she was scared by them.

Relationship with Santa's Little Helper[]

Snowball II and Santa's Little Helper have always been shown as having a good relationship, usually seen sleeping near each other.

Life with Lisa[]

Snowball II was hit and killed by Dr. Hibbert's Mercedes-Benz G500 in the episode "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot". After numerous fleeting replacements for Snowball II, the fifth (and last surviving) Snowball was named Snowball II, real name Victor to avoid future confusion and having to spend more money on a new bowl.


  • In a Treehouse of Horror segment, Snowball II once fell in love with Scratchy.
  • During another Treehouse of Horror episode, Santa's Little Helper chased her into a transport device their DNA combined. This caused Santa's Little Helper to come out with two heads while Snowball II came out with two tails.
  • In "Lisa's Substitute", it is revealed that she had a brother and a sister that were eaten by her mother before the Simpsons could adopt him. "We were gonna keep the gray one, but the mother ate her." " Oh look this is very cool. When I hit reverse, I can make 'em go back in."
  • She was shown to dislike Homer as seen in a couple episodes. In "Mr. Plow", she meows furiously at Homer's rapping, and in "The Old Man and the "C" Student", she hisses at Homer and swings her claws at him for wrapping her up in paper maché.
  • In "Fear of Flying", Marge Simpson, after stating that the family never held a wedding for Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II, says that the two have been "living in sin", implying that the pair have likely mated more than once before.
  • In most cases, stock cat sound effects would be used for Snowball II's meows and yowls (often from Hollywood Edge's "Premiere Edition" sound library), but sometimes Dan Castellaneta or Frank Welker would provide additional vocal effects.
  • Though usually referred to as female, the ending of "Old Yeller-Belly" repeatedly described Snowball II as "he". Bart also calls Snowball "boy" while trying to teach tricks to the cat.



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