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Snowball V is the Simpsons' fifth cat who looks exactly the same as Snowball II, who was accidentally struck and killed by Dr. Hibbert with his Mercedes-Benz. The Crazy Cat Lady throws the cat at Lisa while she is mourning the deaths of the other cats that she kept (Snowball III and Coltrane (Snowball IV). She, Santa's Little Helper and She Biscuit are the three current pets of the Simpson family. She is actually known as Snowball II.


Snowball V sitting next to Lisa

After the Crazy Cat Lady throws the cat at her feet saying that she doesn't want it anymore, Lisa tells it to leave, because she believes any cat that she owns is unlucky and is certain to be killed. As the cat starts to cross Evergreen Terrace, Gil drives by in his car. Gil swerves to miss the cat, hits a tree, and his car bursts into flames, which means that Gil will be able to use the insurance money to buy food. Since the cat is unhurt, Lisa takes it as a sign of good luck and adopts her.[2]

Lisa chooses to keep Snowball

Lisa renames Snowball V "Snowball II," in her words, "to save money on a new dish." She also vows to pretend the whole thing never happened (i.e., two adopted cats dying in quick succession). Principal Skinner, who happens to be walking by and overhears Lisa talking to the cat, asks "Isn't that a cheat?", to which Lisa replies "I guess it is, Principal Tamzarian" (referring to when he admitted he was not the real Seymour Skinner, while knowing that the citizens of Springfield should never speak of that again).[3]

The cat later becomes very overweight after abandoning the Simpsons for brief periods to visit a different family. At the other family's house, she is fed, taught tricks and given the name "Smokey".[4]

There is suspicion that Snowball V is in fact the new and improved Snowball II, but there is no proof, except for that she looks like an exact replica, but in real life many cats look identical. She may even be related to her or an identical twin. However the answer to that happens to be unknown.

At one point, Homer forces Snowball V to grab Santa's Little Helper by the collar (with difficulty) so he could then say the adage "look what the cat dragged in" (with Bart and Lisa, upon witnessing it, not being impressed with his actions).[5]

Snowball V with Lisa in the Coraline-themed segment in "Treehouse of Horror XXVIII"

Snowball V appeared in "Treehouse of Horror XXVIII" segment "Coralisa", where she was guest-voiced by Neil Gaiman. Otherwise on most cases, stock cat sound effects would be used for Snowball II's meows and yowls (often from Hollywood Edge's "Premiere Edition" sound library), but sometimes Dan Castellaneta would provide additional vocal effects (usually depending on the scenario).


  • (Non-Canon) In "Treehouse of Horror XXVII", she was killed when she jumped in front of a knife thrown at Marge Simpson (possibly to protect her from danger). Her death went seemingly unnoticed by the family.
  • Though she is female, she is portrayed with a man's voice in a Treehouse Of Horror special based on Coraline. Presumably this is because the cat in Coraline is male.
  • She bears resemblance to Scratchy.


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