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Last Exit to Springfield
So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show
The Front
Clip show
This episode is a clip show.
It features clips from previous episodes.

"Mrs. Simpson, I'm afraid your husband is dead. (classic laugh) April Fools. He's very much alive, although I'm afraid he may never walk again."
Dr. Hibbert

"So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show" is the eighteenth episode of Season 4.


Bart's April Fools' prank lands Homer in the hospital. While waiting for Homer to come out, the family reminisces about all the struggles they've gone through so far.

Full Story[]

The story begins on April Fools' Day. Homer is playing pranks on Bart throughout the day, including putting duct tape over his eyes before he wakes up, and placing sour milk in the refrigerator for Bart to take. Bart, angered by the numerous tricks he has fallen for, attempts to get revenge by shaking up a beer can in a paint shaker. When Homer opens the beer, it results in a massive explosion that severely injures him, and nearly destroys the house. Homer is then driven to the hospital. Dr. Hibbert (via a cruel April Fools' Day joke) explains that Homer is alive, but he may never be able to walk again. The "vet" explains some aspects to Homer's health and injuries that he suffered before Marge recognizes him. While visiting them, Barney then attempts to ease Homer's pain by suffocating him with a pillow and escaping which causes Moe to think that he needs a girlfriend. Homer is eventually resigned to not being able to walk again, until he notices a candy machine on the other end and begins to walk. Unfortunately, he ends up getting a lot of candy bars in his mouth from forcing it to come down, thus placing him into a coma.

As the family visits Homer, they reminisce about the events they have experienced in the past (which are shown in the form of clips from previous episodes). Meanwhile, Mr. Burns also attempted to "pull the plug" on the vegetative Homer. During this time, he shows signs of life. Eventually, Bart confesses that he made the can of beer explode. An outraged Homer wakes up and strangles his son while the rest of his family stand next to the bed, relieved he is finally awake (Bart tells Homer at the conclusion of the story that the current date is May 16, and that Homer was in a coma for weeks, and Marge tells he that he lost 5% of his brain).


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