Soccer Mummy is a family/comedy movie that has played in Springfield Googolplex Theatres. The actual movie has yet to be shown, but a preview for the film has appeared in Jaws Wired Shut.


A boy named Justin is a member of a last-place soccer team and to make matters worse, his parents are getting a divorce. However, a professor resurrects a mummy from the dead. The mummy is apparently talented at soccer so he joins Justin's team and they dub him Soccer Mummy (played by Ed O'Neil). Soccer Mummy teaches Justin to believe in himself and assumably helps his team become state champions. The preview includes a scene in which Soccer Mummy seeing a cheering, attractive woman in the audience. One of Justin's team-mates comments that "The professor told us not to let him get a boner!" and after Soccer Mummy does get a boner, a loud ripping noise indicates that the boner tore his bandages, so then he shrugs in a comedic fashion.

Episode Appearances

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