Sophie Jensen is a student in Bart's class. She was created after a young girl named Sophie E. Jensen won a contest in her home state of Utah.


Sophie is often seen in the background in Bart's class and around Springfield Elementary. Her face often carries a look of discontent. Her hair is normally brown and she wears it in two pigtails.


Sophie is normally seen wearing a white shirt, a blue sweater over her shirt, long blue pants, and pink shoes. She has light brown hair in pigtails and utilizes white hair-ties to keep her hair in pigtails.

In "Lisa's Rival" she was seen wearing long red pants and a pink shirt, but she did have on her blue sweater. Her hair color was white during that episode, but her hair-ties were pink. In "Bart of Darkness" she wore an orange maillot.

Behind the Laughter

  • Unlike the other background characters in Bart's class, her hair color has remained consistent throughout the show and comics, and is almost always light-brown or blonde.
  • She spoke for the first time in "Diggs".
    • In The Bart Book, under the "Excuses, Excuses" section, the excuse she gives is that she is not late for school; she is just "early for tomorrow."
    • In The Secret Life of Bart Simpson, in one of Bart's fantasies where he imagines the school is on fire, she exclaims, "Yaaay, Bart!" after one of the firefighters tells everyone that there will be "all the more ice cream and kitties for the kids who survived the fire!"
  • Sometimes she is seen with or without eyelashes.
  • Sophie was Bart's dance date.


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