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Sophie Krustofsky is an illegitimate daughter of Krusty the Clown and Erin, a female soldier who Krusty had a one-night stand with during the Gulf War.


Krusty met Sophie's mother while he was performing with a USO tour during the Gulf War. They had a romantic night of passion, but in the morning, Erin realized she had to complete her mission -- to assassinate Saddam Hussein. Krusty told her not to go, insisting that she had a new mission, to "get down with the clown". However, she left anyway and Krusty ended up tackling her just as she was about to kill Saddam with a rocket launcher, protesting that she couldn't kill Saddam because he was half of Krusty's act. Now ticked off with Krusty for ruining her mission, Erin began hating Krusty. She also came to hate clowns in general and filled her house with artwork depicting violence against clowns.

Erin never told Krusty about her pregnancy and raised Sophie as a single mother, only telling her daughter that her father was "some pathetic clown", and Sophie researched that on the internet and found Krusty.

Sophie first met Krusty during an autograph session, where she revealed to him that she was his daughter. Krusty said he wanted to reunite with Sophie's mother, but she angrily rejected him. Sophie loves to play the violin and she played for Krusty. He loved her performance, but later lost her violin to Fat Tony in a poker game and recruited Homer to help him get it back.[2]Their relationship is eventually mended when Krusty and Homer steal the violin back along with money inside the violin case.

Sophie also likes to play soccer and was seen playing in a match where Homer was the referee.[3]

She joins Bart's E Sports team along with Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin.[4]

Comic Book Series

In the Simpsons Comic #95, Sophie stops by the Simpson house to see her father, who is staying there as Marge's life coach. After meeting him again, she mentions that her mother is on a top-secret military mission to assassinate an evil dictator. During her stay, Lisa chooses to befriend her, since they both play musical instruments, but Bart objects to this and says that he will befriend her, thinking that it will help him become Krusty's number-one fan. After annoying her enough, Sophie proclaims that she is unable to take any more pressure and she and her father storm out, concluding that Bart and Lisa are nuttier than bridge mix. Krusty finds her comment hilarious and plan to get together the following weekends to make fun of the Simpsons some more.


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