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Sorry Not Sorry is the ninth episode of Season 32 (Originally going to be the first episode of the season).


Lisa calls her teacher, Ms. Hoover, a "hack" and refuses to apologize. Then, she learns Ms. Hoover’s private pain.


Homer and Lisa are stargazing on top of the Simpsons' house; Lisa is angry because of what occurred at school with Miss Hoover the prior week. After a breakfast argument, Lisa shows off her mobile "Who Inspires You?" project. Lisa has made a recreation of earth, completely surrounded by satellites. Lisa was inspired by Gladys West, the mathematician who helped create the GPS.

Later, Homer has flashbacks to how the occurrences ruined his chances to avoid Patty and Selma's birthday party three weeks prior, and Lisa dreams of being in Yale because of her project. At school, kids are presenting their projects - Lisa presents with a report and a statue made of macaroni. Miss Hoover is unimpressed, and gives all the kids B- grades. Lisa protests and calls Miss Hoover a "hack". Lisa is sent to detention, where she is protected from bullies by Bart.

At home, Lisa doesn't eat dinner, and hides under the covers of her bed. She is comforted by Marge, who encourages Lisa to apologize to Hoover. Later, Miss Hoover grabs Lisa by the leg, and asks Lisa if she will apologise. When Lisa refuses, she is sent back to detention and told if she doesn't apologise, she can't get into Yale.

The following day, Bart tells Lisa to say "I'm soggy" instead of "I'm sorry". Lisa attempts this stunt, but Miss Hoover sees through it, and sends Lisa to "double detention". Lisa proceeds to follow Marge's idea by going to the Springfield Education Annex to learn how she can apologize.

Lisa's consultant suggests to walk a mile in the shoes of the person you need to apologize to, so Lisa follows Miss Hoover. Lisa learns how hard it is to live like her, and that she has a terrible back problem. She buys a reclining chair to help Miss Hoover, but Miss Hoover claims she doesn't accept late apologies.

In the current day, Lisa consults Homer about what she learned that day. and Marge says that she "planted a seed that will grow”. Everyone then climbs on the roof to avoid Grandpa. Later, at school, Miss Hoover finds a vibrating function of the chair and decides to accept Lisa's apology. She proceeds to give Lisa and Ralph a B+ for the project. Then at home, Bart continues a word play with Homer but Homer catches on quickly.

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Ten years later, Lisa, a student at Yale, finds out her dreams about the annoying singers were true. On top of the roof, Homer dreams of being the Red Baron from Charlie Brown and cries like Charlie Brown once he learns it was just a dream.

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