The Southern Sheriff is a sheriff who lives in Florida who chases the Simpsons after they "kill" Captain Jack the alligator.


He saved drunk Homer before Kid Rock and Joe C. and took him back to The Royal Fart Inn. When the Simpson family later went through the swamp by an airboat, they accidentally ran into an alligator named Captain Jack. The sheriff arrested them, but the family ran away. They started working at Diner, but the sheriff tracked them down. The family was sentenced to forced labor. One day the sheriff asked them to be waiters at the party which they tried to escape from, but failed, because he noticed it.


The Sheriff is extremely harsh and nasty in his duties. In addition to arresting Homer he arrests Marge, Bart and Lisa and even Maggie even though he admits he didn't have to go that far. Though he is bribed by the beer companies to go easy for the two weeks of Spring Break but for the rest of the year he becomes harsh and mean. He's also a Big Fan of Captain Jack


Simp.jpg Episode – "Kill the Alligator and Run"

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