Space Mutants is a long lasting Sci-Fi-horror movie series that usually plays in the Aztec Theater or in the Springfield Googolplex Theatres.


The plot of all of the films usually revolves around the Mutants (from space) invading the earth and feeding on people. The film is most likely rated R (Restricted) for gore and sexual content seeing as how most of the people killed in the films were about to have sex at the time.

The Mutants carry their young in pouches like kangaroos.

Types of deaths

  • Couple in car - Eaten by Mutant with a baby mutant
  • Man in bed - Man's head bitten off by mutant disguised as his wife.
  • Couple in Sunset - a man and a woman get Eaten by mutant.
  • Groom in Wedding - gets eaten by mutant

List of Movies

List of Video Games

  • Space Mutants: The Video Game
  • Space Mutants: Blood and Bones
  • Space Mutants: Online

Episode Appearances

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