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I have a great idea! Let's play space patrol!
Bart to Lisa

Space Patrol is the fourteenth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show November 8, 1987.


As Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are home alone, they decide to play Space Patrol. Lisa (with a saucepan on her head) is Lisuey the devil-may-care rocket pilot. Maggie (also with a saucepan) is her spunky sidekick named Magina. Bart is Bartron the evil robot to Mars gone beserk, after getting a vase stuck on his head. Then Bart then steps on Maggie's cape and Lisa pulls Maggie to trip Bart down. Bart is then standing up again and is poked by Lisa and Maggie with broomsticks. Bart is talking in the vase but it comes out like: "Mmmmmmph!" Bart is poked again, but only can mutter. Bart wanders at the stairs and Maggie sticks out her broom and Bart falls down the stairs. Maggie is congratulated as she had rendered Bartron's anti-gravity belt non-functional. Lisa asks him if he wants her to release him from the helmet of evil thoughts with her enchanted space wand. Bart tries to say "yes, yes, yes," but it sounds more like "Mmph, mmmph, mmmmmph". Lisa then smashes the vase. Bart's face is disfigured, his eyes askew. Bart then stumbles around, while Lisa and Maggie are behind the couch, where they will be safe until Mom and Dad (the evil overlords) come home.


The Simpsons space patrol short

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