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"A" is for Scoundrel to A Star is Born-Again/Appearances
A Star is Born-Again/Credits to An Easy Assignment/Gallery
An Easy Assignment/Quotes to Audrey McConnell's Student 2
Audrey McConnell's Student 3 to Bart's Not Dead/Credits
Bart's Not Dead/Gags to Bart the Daredevil/References
Bart the Fink to Big Bad Brother Bart/Quotes
Big Bad Brother Bart/References to Bran Cheks
Bran Flakes to Can't Buy Me Love
Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe to Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen (character) to Costume Shop Clerk
Costumes to David S. Cohen
David Sacks to Down River to Pray
Down with Buildings Demolition Co. to Elementary School Dropout/Appearances
Elementary School Dropout/Credits to Fear of Flying/Appearances
Fear of Flying/Credits to Friends and Family/Credits
Friends and Family/Gags to Glove Doctor
Glove Slap to Hail to the Cat/Credits
Hail to the Cat/Gallery to Hold That Feline
Holding Hands Point to Homer to the Max/Gallery
Homer to the Max/Quotes to I Am Furious (Yellow)
I Am Furious (Yellow)/Appearances to Itchy & Scratchy Land Scientist
Itchy & Scratchy Land Scientist 1 to John Achenbach
John Armstrong to King Lute's
King Of The Hill to Lauren
Lauren MacMullan to Lisa Marie Simpson
Lisa Marie Simpson (A Trip to Simpsons Mountain) to Los Simpsons in Pardon My Border/Credits
Los Simpsons in Pardon My Border/Gallery to Maggie And the Moon/References
Maggie Come Home to Mary Poppins
Mary Spuckler to Millionaire Actor
Millionaire Boxing to Mr. Burns' Germ Warfare Laboratory
Mr. Burns' Hamster to Nanny
Nantucket to Officer Goodman
Officer Joe to Pazuzu Lullaby
Peabody Museum of Natural History to Pranks A Lot!/Gallery
Pranks A Lot!/Quotes to Ravi Shankar
Rawhide to Route 18 Flea Market and Drive-In
Rover Hendrix to Selma's Choice
Selma's Choice/Appearances to Simpsons Classics (Comic Book Series)
Simpsons Classics 26 to Slava
Slave-Driver Willie to Springfield Elementary Shakedown/Gallery
Springfield Elementary Shakedown/Quotes to Stink & Stinkability/References
Stinking Fish Realty to Terri (Alternative)
Terri Mackleberry to The Case of the Sax Solo Saboteur/References
The Cat's Speech to The Great Simpsina/Gallery
The Great Simpsina/Quotes to The Mirror Maidens
The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson to The Seemingly Never-Ending Story/References
The Seemingly Never-ending Story to The Springfield Connection/Gags
The Springfield Connection/Gallery to Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo/Quotes
Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo/References to Treehouse of Horror I
Treehouse of Horror II to Unnamed Hooker
Unnamed Hummingbird to Wendell
Wendell Borton to Wrestling announcer
Writhing Funzos to “Fire truck” scene
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