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A pity date from a ten year old? I'll take it.
Edna Krabappel

"Special Edna" (also known as "Love and Marking") is the seventh episode of Season 14.


Skinner constantly bails out on Edna for phone calls with his mother and Bart nominates her for the teacher of the year award.

Full Story

Mrs. Krabappel assigns a paper on World War I, due in three weeks. Martin suggests it should be typed and at least ten pages long, getting himself beat up for his trouble by Nelson. After class, the apple picking date Edna and Principal Skinner go on is cancelled when Skinner is called away by his mother.

At the Simpson household, Bart is distracted from writing his paper, first by wrestling, later he goes to the library for research, but - noticing someone paid for one hundred photocopies but only used one - unable of resisting the opportunity to make ninety-nine photocopies of his posterior. The next day, at church, the congregation opens their prayer books, only to see Bart's butt mooning them and they scream in terror. Later that day, Milhouse shows up a Black Hawk helicopter piloted by his uncle who "will probably be court-martialed for this".


Three weeks later, Bart still hasn't started the assignment. The day before the date of submission, he asks Grampa for help. Grampa's story about his WWI experiences as a four-year-old in the trenches is anything but educational, but Bart writes it down anyway and pads it to ten pages using advertisements. Mrs. Krabappel rejects his paper and tells Bart that he will have to do it correctly after school. As Bart finishes the assignment after school, he observes Skinner cancel a movie date with Krabappel when his mother calls. Bart consoles Edna, and she reluctantly accepts his offer to accompany her to the movie, although she is grateful.

The morning afterwards, Lisa suggests that Bart nominate Edna for an award for teaching, and Bart sends in a video nominating Edna for the "Teacher of the Year" award--the organizers choose Edna as a nominee upon learning that she's the teacher for Bart Simpson (who they had heard of, but assumed to be some kind of "urban legend"). When Edna is informed of her Teacher of the Year nomination, she thanks Bart at the ensuing press conference, wondering aloud if she will continue teaching if she does win. Skinner is about to congratulate Edna when his mother calls again, which finishes the press conference. Bart notifies his family that, as nominator, he and his family (except Maggie) are going to Orlando, Florida. The family is excited...until they learn the awards show is being held at the EFCOT Center (a parody of the EPCOT Center).

EFCOT Center, a parody of EPCOT Center.

In Orlando, at the EFCOT Center ("When everything else is booked"), Marge and Lisa go on a "World of Tomorrow" ride, "what the people in 1964 thought the world would be like in 1987", showing a world ultimately ruled by Eastern Air Lines (which did sponsor an attraction at Disney World until its bankruptcy in 1987). Homer and Bart go on an electric car ride, sponsored by "the gasoline producers of America," which tells them that it can not go very fast and it could not go very far.

At Springfield Elementary, Skinner is despondent at the thought that Edna could leave the school. Groundskeeper Willie lends Skinner his sports car so he can go to Orlando, where he surprises Edna with a kiss under the fireworks display - until they are interrupted by Agnes, whom Skinner brought along. Tired of Skinner constantly putting his mom before him, Edna breaks up with him.

During preparation for the awards ceremony, Skinner is surprised when he hears that the winner receives enough money to be able to quit teaching. He requests Bart to help him sabotage Edna's chances of winning. At the ceremony, presided over by Little Richard, each finalist must ask their nominating student a question. When Bart is asked what Edna would like to teach the world, he pretends to be illiterate, until Skinner guiltily tells the truth, adding Edna should be Teacher of the Year because "If she can teach me to love, she can teach anyone anything." With one of Little Richard's rings, Skinner asks Edna to marry him, and she agrees. Edna loses the award, but looks forward to marrying Skinner.

Later, Homer tries to bust out of the EFCOT Center and visit Walt Disney World, setting off alarms and searchlights, and warnings from a voice that sounds just like Mickey Mouse. He buys a Churro that costs $14 and runs off as fast as possible.

Broadcast History

United States

Broadcast date(s) Channel aired
  • January 5, 2003
  • February 23, 2003
  • August 17, 2003
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  • December 29, 2020
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Behind the Laughter


Robert Canning, Eric Goldman, Dan Iverson and Brian Zoromski of IGN named the episode the best episode of Season 14.


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