Sprawl-Mart is a department store in Springfield, both Abe and Homer have worked there as greeters. Sprawl-Mart is visited by Homer when he and the kids go shopping for a Mother's Day present for Marge.[1] Homer takes over Abe's greeting job in Sprawl-Mart once.[2] Patty and Selma have also been seen shopping here.

Underneath its friendly demeanor to customers, Sprawl-Mart is a terrible place to work. It literally treats its employees like slaves. Forcing them to work 24 hours a day without pay, locking them in at night and prohibiting even a bathroom break, chipping them with devices to deliver powerful electric shocks if they try to leave, and doctoring fake passports to get even american citizens deported as illegal immigrants.

The employees don't mind as much, since they steal everything that's not nailed down at night. Homer himself escapes after stealing several flat screen TV's.

Behind the Laughter

It is meant to be a parody of Wal-Mart, although this is denied in two episodes.



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