Springfield's oldest redwood tree was the oldest and tallest redwood tree in Springfield.


Dirt First found out that the tree was bought by The Rich Texan for $100,000 at a secret auction. Jesse asked the members to climb and camp on the tree, so The Rich Texan couldn't cut it down.

Lisa volunteered to do so and next day she climbed the tree. She stayed there for several days, but she felt alone, so she decided to come home for a moment, promising the tree to come back.

Unfortunately, when she returned to the tree next day, she discovered that it was struck by lighting. Besides it, everyone thought that she had died.

The Rich Texan decided to make a sanctuary from the forest in memory of Lisa, but later changed his mind and was going to build an amusement park called Lisa Land instead.

Lisa came to protest the park. Meanwhile, Jesse Grass cut ropes holding the park log looking like Lisa's head, placed on the tree.

The log started traveling though Springfield and then whole USA and while that destroyed several buildings, including Omni-Pave, Kentucky Fried Panda and Hemp City.


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