The Springfield Box Factory is a box factory located across the street from Krustylu Studios. The box factory manufactures boxes to ship nails. Although some boxes are seen on conveyor belts in partially assembled form, the factory does not fully assemble the boxes in Springfield. According to the head of the Box Factory, that is done in Flint, Michigan. The Box Factory had a room that was the most popular room of the tour because of one important difference, which was taken out, making it just like the other rooms.



The Springfield Box Factory in the Simpsons Road Rage

Mrs. Krabappel's class from Springfield Elementary School once went on a school trip to the box factory,[1] much to the disappointment of everyone besides Martin Prince and Principal Skinner. The tour is done by the Head of Springfield Box Factory. Bart sneaks off in the middle of the tour to visit Krustyland Studios, and, when his cap is discovered on the conveyor line, everyone believes that he has been killed and made into a box.

In the Simpsons Road Rage, the Box Factory is located in the Entertainment District and it's Seymour Skinner and Ralph's destination.[2]



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