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The Springfield Downs, also known as the Springfield Dog Track, is a dog and horse racing track in Springfield. The mechanized rabbit is called Swifty.


The downs is where Santa's Little Helper used to race. Bart's pet horse Duncan raced there and became very successful.

Owing to the sports present at the Downs, the place also had betting tickets for the races, with one line for "Wuss Bets", which entail betting all the horses have a good time. Homer and Bart, in desperation to get enough money for Christmas presents thanks to Mr. Burns cutting out the Christmas Bonus, once attempted to bet on one of the race dogs, but he ended up losing, resulting in them adopting him.

List of race dogs

The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Mobile Game)

On the official Simpsons' app ''Tapped Out'' you can build Springfield Downs and place bets. Here is the list of dogs available to bet on.

  • Drool Britannia!
  • Not A Chance
  • Dogbiscuit
  • Raised By Wolves
  • Obedience School Dropout