Springfield Elementary School Band is a band of Springfield Elementary School, led by Dewey Largo. It appears in almost every opening sequence since the episode "Bart the Genius". Seymour Skinner was once a member in it, playing the bass drum.


Largo often stifles creativity of the students, especially Lisa's. He only teaches simple, boring and unoriginal songs to the band causing Lisa to often cause outbursts in class.[1]

During the band audition, Lisa tried to get the first chair. However, Allison Taylor, who also plays the sax, tried to get it too. The both started playing over each other trying to outdo each other as the other children stood up and danced. Lisa suddenly lost her breath and passed out unconsciously. When she regained conscious, she learned that Allison got the first chair, and was pretty terrified.[2]

When all the teacher were on strike, Largo left his band alone. While playing "God Save the Queen", Database suggested to play the forbidden music and they started playing "Pop Goes the Weasel". However, Largo popped his head in the door and said: "I heard that!"[3]

When Dewey Largo left the school with his partner, he was replaced by Calliope Juniper, who used different ways to teach the music, for example a walk in the nature.[4]

During the Springfield Elementary School auction, Bart pretended to be an English widow named Eliza Knickertwist on the phone. 'She' paid $4000 for the school band to play at 'her event'.[5]

On Easter, Groundskeeper Willie secretly placed eggs into the wind instruments of the band before the performance, and when the children blew at the performance, the eggs flew out on the crowd. After that, Bart was falsely accused of it (even though it was Willie who did it, although wasn't revealed until near the end).[6]




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