The Springfield Elementary School Bus is driven by Otto, and its main purpose is to take the children to and from school. However, it has been used for other jobs, such as taking kids to Kamp Krusty and to The Civil War Reenactment. It was briefly driven by Seymour Skinner because Otto caused accidents and had no driver's license.[1] It is a 1994 GMC B-Series. When the government cut a lot of the school's funding to the extent that they had just barely had enough to keep the School open, several of their buses were in disrepair, with one bus being in such a huge amount of disrepair and in a highly volatile state that it exploded as soon as a fallen leaf fell on it, and the other, while comparably intact, had several disrepairs including an exhaust leak (that Skinner hypothesized may have been causing several of the students' low test scores), and a hole that is slowly growing bigger. Because of the disrepairs during that time, The bus has a braking procedure where the kids sitting on the window side have to take off their shirts and stick them out the window to use as sails presumably in an attempt to make up for the lack of operable brakes, and they apparently had to steal some gasoline and siphon it by a tube and the mouth. [2]

Otto once drove the bus into an auto wrecking yard in an attempt to evade running down Jasper at the last second (he was asleep at the wheel and woke up as he discovered it), and drove it right into a car crusher which crushed it into a bus-shaped cube, causing the bus to be decommissioned for two whole weeks and also resulting in Homer doing carpool duty.[3] Another time, while the bus itself was not damaged, Otto ended up suspended with pay for inflicting corporal punishment on Bart as revenge after the latter, by stealing the bus, ruined Otto's chance at garnering the respect of Metallica, which resulted in Marge Simpson being forced to do carpool duty for the various children (implying that Otto was the only bus driver the school could afford to get).



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