Springfield Film Festival

The Springfield Film Festival was a film festival held by the town of Springfield. Marge suggested the film festival as a way to boost the town's reputation, and was surprised when her idea went over so well.



Jury Members

Grand Prize Voting

Juror Vote
Jay Sherman Pukahontas
Marge Simpson Pukahontas
Mayor Quimby A Burns for All Seasons (bribed)
Krusty the Clown A Burns for All Seasons (bribed)
Homer Simpson

Man Getting Hit by Football (later changed to Pukahontas)

The voting produced a 2-2 tie between Pukahontas and A Burns for All Seasons. Homer later changed his vote to Pukahontas, which made it the winner, three votes to two. Ironically, the grand prize turned out to be a truck filled with a lifetime supply of Duff Beer.



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