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The Springfield Fire Department is a fire department located in Springfield.


The fire-department responded to a fire at the Simpson House started by Homer's cigar.[1]

A drugged Homer crashed into the fire-station while driving, injuring the town's fire-department. Feeling remorse for the incident, Homer volunteered as a firefighter, as did Apu, Skinner and Moe.[2]

A bragging-rights conflict between a fire-truck and the police tank led to the tank becoming covered in foam and crashing into the Kwik E Mart.[3] Later, the brigade were unable to extinguish a fire at the Quick & Fresh, after the incident deprived the truck of foam.[3]


Individuals known to have been employed by the fire-department include:

Behind the Laughter

According to Lance Wilder, the Springfield Fire Department building was inspired by the former Fire Department Headquarters in his hometown of Chelmsford, Massachusetts.


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