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Not to be confused with Springfield National Forest.

Springfield Forest is a forest and nature reserve in Springfield, created by Theodore Roosevelt.


When Homer was kidnapped to the Island, Officer Scraps searched for him in the forest.[1]

Superintendent Chalmers took Bart here on horses on an educational trip. He later brought Dolph, Jimbo, Milhouse and Nelson with him to look for Roosevelt's lost spectacles. While here, Nelson found them and fell down a hill, getting bumps, bruises and a broken arm, leading to Chalmers losing his job at Springfield Elementary School. Bart and Chalmers later came back riding horses again at the end of that episode.[2]

Springfield Forest is revealed to be the place where Abe, Mona and Homer lived when Homer was growing up, and where Abe throw Mona's stuff away when she left them.

After fighting with Homer over the secret, Grampa goes there to retrieve the recipes' box Mona gave Homer. The family reaches him while he was climbing down the mountain, and Homer goes down it to help him, but he tied himself to the same rope as Grampa's and they fall, but the fall is blocked by a tree. They find the box, and to retrieve it Grampa cuts his part of the rope off, after Homer says he loves him and not to do that, he was happy to hear it. Luckily Mona's bed was there to secure his landing, however the box was empty.

At a diner, they ate all together as a family once again, and Homer finds out that the pie they were eating was the same as the one his mother made. The owner found the recipes that flew from the box thrown off the cliff and saved the diner thanks to them. The owner gives back the recipes to Homer.[3]