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The Springfield General Hospital, also known as Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital, is the main hospital in Springfield. Dr. Hibbert and Dr. Nick Riviera work there.


The hospital is a standard well funded city hospital, though its doctors are sometimes less than average. The hospital contains a Three Stooges ward for children who suffered injuries after imitating scenes on TV [1], and a Homer Simpson ward after Homer Simpson donated a large amount of money to the hospital when it was actually Mr. Burns' donation [2].

The hospital also contains an operating theater observable by the public [3].

The hospital is located across the road from the Springfield Cemetery and Springfield Pet Cemetery.

The hospital at one point was due for a health inspection that was implied to have necessitated Mayor Quimby to subtly request for a bribe and was in an extremely dangerous state (enough to potentially rival that of Moe's Tavern), based on his comment to Moe Szyslak regarding an upcoming health inspection for Moe's Tavern and his attempt at giving a bribe having roaches nearly make off with the money despite Moe's insistence that they were taking care of the roach problem.[4]

Non Canon

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In "Holidays of Future Passed", Maggie gives birth to her daughter Maggie Simpson, Jr. here.

In "Days of Future Future", seven years in the future Homer ends up here after receiving injury. Later, Milhouse is treated here zombism.

Treehouse of Horror series

In the second segment of "Treehouse of Horror XX", while strangling Bart, Homer uses Bart's head to dial the buttons on the telephone and calls Dr. Hibbert, who is besieged by Munchers in his office. While fighting them off with a variety of medical equipment, and eventually getting bitten while requesting that they tell his wife that he loves her, Hibbert says that it is possible that Bart is immune to the burger's virus and instructs the Simpsons to go to a "safe zone".

In the opening "Treehouse of Horror XXX", here Marge gives birth a baby but Homer did not want another boy as Bart was already bad enough. Dr. Hibbert offers that he adopts Maggie, who actually has demon-like powers, which she uses to choke Hibbert with his stethoscope and burn him.



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