Springfield Gorge, "the third most beautiful gorge in the state", is a gorge in Springfield.


Bart wants to jump across the gorge on his skateboard, Captain Lance Murdock-style. Homer instead attempts to make the jump in an attempt to show his son the dangers of doing daredevil stuntwork, but Bart chooses to not do daredevil stunts ever again in an attempt to prevent Homer from doing it. However, Homer, due to the skateboard unexpectedly going on with Homer on it, almost makes the jump, falling to the bottom banging his head as he goes along. The ambulance later crashes into a tree, sending Homer out of the back on a stretcher and tumbling down again.[1]

During Trappuccino, Homer and Bart later jumped the gorge on a motorcycle by accident and the ambulance is still seen crashed in the tree. This time, they actually make it.[2]

Homer and Peter Griffin finished off their fight at the gorge, but they failed to make it to the other side again.

Behind the Laughter

There is a section of the Gorge called "Homer's leap", dedicated to Homer who fell down the gorge twice in one afternoon.




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