The Springfield Investorettes are a group of women in Springfield who pool their own personal funds into different investment opportunities. These investments include Dynaflux Unimatix and a sponsorship of the Mexican wrestler El Bombastico.


Marge Simpson was a member of the group but was asked to leave due to her overcautious nature and reluctance to invest the group's funds into more risky ventures (or any ventures as she found the entire idea of investing too dangerous). In the words of Luann Van Houten, Marge couldn't keep up with the go-go 90's.

Having expelled Marge, they refunded her $500 membership fee. The Investorettes then attended a Franchsie Fair and decided to purchase a Fleet-A-Pita franchise. After Homer hired the Springfield Mafia to assist Marge's own franchise investment, the Investorettes' Fleet-a-Pita franchise was sabotaged by bribing police into refusing to let a shipment of theirs disembark at the harbor. The Mafia smashed up many food services industries, and planted a bomb on the Fleet-a-Pita van, destroying it. The Investorettes thereafter hired the Japanese Yakuza to combat Marge's affiliations with the Springfield Mafia, resulting in a mob war on the front lawn of the Simpson home. However, with the Springfield Mafia about to kill Marge and Homer, the Investorettes allowed the two to run into the house for safety, but only because the Investorettes and Marge now had a common enemy, so the Investorettes had no plans to reinstate her with them.

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