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The Springfield Isotopes are Springfield's only minor league baseball team.


The team is shown as drastically underfunded and struggling in competition. Their home games are played at Duff Stadium as Duff Beer sponsors and co-manages the team. The Isotopes name is most likely in reference to Springfield's nuclear power plant. Homer Simpson was the Isotopes mascot for a brief period, taking over from the Capital City Goofball, before being fired.

The Team Cap

Players include Flash Baylor, Fishbone Walker, Smash Diggins, Buck Mitchell and Babe Ruth IV.

Potential Relocation

The low quality of the team combined with its financial difficulties has prompted management to consider moving the team. After the team was sold to the Duff corporation (from the Mafia, and according to Moe the last of the family-owned teams), Homer once learned that there were plans to move the team to Albuquerque, and staged a hunger strike to prevent it. Springfield become aware of their plans to move the team due to Homer's efforts and their premature roll-out of food packaging with "Albuquerque Isotopes" written on them. Albuquerque decides to change the decision to move the team.

In Real Life

The Calgary Cannons minor-league baseball team was relocating to Albuquerque prior to the 2003 season, and a poll was conducted to choose a new name for the team. "Isotopes" won about two-thirds of the voting, chosen in part of its popularity in "Hungry, Hungry Homer" and that New Mexico is home to many facilities dealing with nuclear technology. In 2007, statues of Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa were added to benches at Isotopes Park, originally to promote The Simpsons Movie, but remained after the tour ended. Visitors to the park can sit next to these statues and have their picture taken with the statues. Despite the team's name, the team does not having working agreements with Fox.


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