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The Springfield Isotots are a children baseball team of Springfield.


When Ned Flanders resigned as coach of the team, Lisa decided to take his position. However, she knew nothing about baseball.

Fortunately, the nerds from Moe's Tavern showed her sabermetrics. She used it to organize the Isotots' strategy and, as an result, they won every match.

However, Bart realized that Lisa had taken all the fun out of the game and decided not to use her strategy. Thanks this rebellion, the Isotots won the game, but Lisa kicked Bart out of the team for his insubordination.

During the last game, Ralph wasn't able to play and Lisa phoned Bart to help them. He refused, but Mike Scioscia eventually convinced him to go. Bart arrived to the match, but ignored Lisa's order again and stole second and third base. When he tried to steal home, he failed, but Lisa thanked him that he had learned her to love baseball as a game.





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