The Springfield Lemon Tree is a famous historic lemon tree in Springfield.


The tree was planted over 100 years ago, about the time when Springfield was founded by Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville was founded by Shelbyville Manhattan. The tree was planted because lemons were the sweetest fruit available at the time.

It was once stolen by a group of kids from Shelbyville, who uprooted the tree and planted it in an impound lot in Shelbyville, but it was returned to Springfield when Bart came up with the daring idea to have Ned Flanders park his RV in a "No Parking" space with Rod, Todd, Martin, Database, Nelson, Milhouse, and their fathers hiding inside. When the RV was impounded at the lot, they uprooted the tree, and escaped back to Springfield. The tree is back at the hill where it belongs, albeit missing foliage from the branches of one side, while people in Shelbyville have to have turnip juice.[1]

Tourists are forbidden to pick fruit from the tree as all fruits in Springfield give a barely audible radioactive hum.[2]



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