Springfield mob per FBI corkboard

The Springfield Mafia, aka the Springfield mob, is an Italian-American mafia crime syndicate based in Springfield, and run by Fat Tony & Don Vittorio DiMaggio.


Frequently Recurring

Minor Characters

Fat Tony, Don Vittorio, Legs and Louie

Former Members

  • Marion Anthony "Fat Tony" D'Amico (deceased) - boss
  • Homer Simpson - Briefly Fat Tony's consigliere
  • Bart Simpson (temporary)
  • ’’’Dan Gillick’’’
  • Nicky Bluepants Altosaxophony (undercover informant, actually Homer Simpson)
  • Dante Calabresi (murder) - Dissident caporegime
  • Dante Calabresi jr. (murder) - Dissident soldier
  • Primo (murder) - Dissident soldier
  • Johnny "Two Times" (temporary) - Soldier
  • Jimbo (recruit by Michael D'Amico)
  • Dolph (recruit by Michael D'Amico)
  • Kearney (recruit by Michael D'Amico)

Business Dealings

  • The Springfield mafia conducts its business and socializes in the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club.
  • Gambling is one of the mob's ventures.
  • The mafia has strong control over illegal fireworks sales and rats milk production.
  • The mob helped out Marge Simpson's pretzel business by attacking her competitors.
  • The mafia is also responsible for tobacco, drug, and alcohol trafficking. When Springfield reenacts Prohibition, he pays off police officers to smuggle the booze into the town.
  • The mob offers protection to Krusty Burger from competitor restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King.
  • The mafia also built a wheelchair navigation ramp system for Springfield Elementary School which ended up collapsing, due to having been made out of breadsticks, before it could see official use (It was originally developed to help Bart get around the school when he was confined to a wheelchair, but that fell through after he made an unexpectedly quick recovery), which also forced Springfield Elementary to close permanently.
  • They were gluing cotton balls on ferrets and selling them to pet shops, as toy poodles, in Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge -- until they were arrested by SpringShield due to one of their products being attached to a wire.
  • The mafia distributed milk for the various schools under the name Squeaky Farms Brand Genuine Animal Milk, which as the name implied used rats as the ingredient instead of cows or even at a minimum dogs (which was what Quimby had been promised), as Homer, at the time acting as one of Mayor Quimby's bodyguards, discovered this, and pressured Quimby to shut it down.
  • Although technically not a real business dealing, the mafia when disposing of a cadaver in a dumpster that was otherwise reserved for discarded Christmas toys once covered their actions to Chief Wiggum by claiming that they were getting rid of a "beanie baby."

Mafia Punishments

The mafia often punishes people for things that are either an insult to them or if they don't pay back their debts. For instance, when Homer ended up borrowing money from Fat Tony and losing it in a football game, Fat Tony "hammered down" a payment plan by having Louie hammer Homer's hand (using two hammers if he mentioned Professor Pigskin). They also collectively hammered both Homer's hands when the latter asked them if they were the gay mafia. In The Simpsons Movie the mafia is seen with a person they killed. They have also repeatedly killed Frankie The Squealer.

Springfield Mafia Families

The Calabresi family at their last supper

Although not actually stationed in Springfield, the Cuomo, Travolta, Lasorda, and Boyardee Mafia families had ties to the Springfield mafia crime syndicate, and had once participated in a mafia summit (which ended up ruined due to Krusty the Clown and Homer Simpson unintentionally instigating a shootout from dropping various violin containers containing tommy guns while trying to retrieve the former's daughter's violin). It is also implied once that the Springfield Mafia had branches worldwide, or at least in Budapest and Rome.


  • It originally parodied the Corleone crime family from The Godfather series, and later Goodfellas and The Sopranos.
  • Fat Tony's mafia has been seen in jail more than once, but usually escape easily.[1][2][3]


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