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Springfield Mall is the local mall in Springfield and the ultimate source for items and needs.


Springfield Mall has hundreds of stores, restaurants, bars, clinics and other services. Its CEO is Mr. Costington. Two of its more well-known stores are The Leftorium and Lionel Hutz's law office. At one time, the mall was in a dilapidated state due to the mayor's father being murdered there.[1]

In recent episodes, the mall is in a dilapidated state, with such poor maintanence that the "Springfield Mall" sign in front is falling apart[2]. The mall's interior is now a shelter for homeless people and it has lots of out of business stores, but the mall is still open and has some remaining stores[3].


It is shown that the DMV store Patty and Selma work at, a candy store and a camping store are in the mall as well as many others.

Non-canon appearances

Video games

In The Simpsons Road Rage, the player can drive inside the Springfield Mall.

In The Simpsons: Hit and Run, it is not featured in any of the levels.

In The Simpsons Game, Kang and Kodos invade the Springfield Mall in one level.

Behind the Laughter

The Springfield Mall first appeared in the episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", the first episode of The Simpsons, making it the third major location to ever appear in the show besides the Simpsons' house and Springfield Elementary. Also, in "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire", the mall looked very different than in other episodes, probaly because it was the first episode and things were weird then.


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