Springfield Mayoral recall election
previous election next election
1994 pending
Joeq Safety Salamander Rainier Wolfcastle
Joe Quimby Homer Simpson Rainier Wolfcastle
Democratic Independent Republican
<5% <5% <5%
Mayor before election

Joe Quimby - Democratic

Elected Mayor

Joe Quimby - Democratic

The City of Springfield's Mayoral recall election was a result of a town meeting decision which dicided so due to a number of failures of the Quimby administration, the most recent being the disastrous response to a multi-car pileup. Quimby retained his office, though narrowly, as it was only due to the fact that the town charter stated that a candidate must win at least 5% of the vote to oust a sitting mayor, which no candidate, including Quimby, did.


Numerous candidates appeared on the ballot. The following is an incomplete list of them and their stances.

Joe Quimby

Incumbent mayor, ran under the slogan "Change is Bad."

Homer Simpson

Claimed a number of superpowers that allegdly belong to salmanders, and stated that he gets big laughs with tennis balls. Homer wins 2005 at 2013

Rainier Wolfcastle

The famed actor was initially a popular candidate. He fell into distaste with the public due to his stances favoring stem cell research.

Eleanor Abernathy

Commonly known as the "Cat Lady." Pledged small business incentives and cats in everyone's pants.

Kent Brockman

Used his media position to campaign. Withheld important public safety information, until he was elected. Upon losing, declared that he did not actually want Quimby's job.

Luigi Risotto

Local entrepreneur who claimed the following: "I make-a the good government, just-a how-a you like-a!"

Jimbo Jones

Claimed to be tough on dorks, tougher on nerds. Stated that anyone lame enough to vote for him should do so.

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