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Well, Mom, we didn't know each other very well. If we did, you never would've asked me to climb anything.
―Homer, as he prepares to dump his mother's ashes over the park

Springfield Monument Park is a reserve of desert land used for rock climbing. Homer and the family went to the park to fulfill his deceased mother's last wish: She wanted her ashes to be dumped over the park's peak.


As it turns out, Mr. Burns has had the inside of the peak fashioned into a plant manufacturing missiles, which are filled with nuclear waste and then launched to the Amazon Rainforest. Mona's request to have her ashes dumped at exactly 3 o'clock was to stop the launch of one of those missiles. This at first has Homer mad that his mother used him for "one last hippie protest," but he eventually comes around, realizing that she only wanted to end "one more act of senseless violence in the world." With a little help from his family, and a cinderblock and chain, Homer carries out the destruction of the entire plant, fulfilling his mother's actual last wish.