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|District=[[Downtown Springfield|Downtown]]
|District=[[Downtown Springfield|Downtown]]
|owner= [[Montgomery Burns|Mr.Burns]]
|first appearance="[[The Boy Who Knew Too Much]]"
|first appearance="[[The Boy Who Knew Too Much]]"

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The Springfield Natural History Museum is the second Museum of Natural History of Springfield, after the first was burnt down and after being rebuilt, closed due to lack of interest. It is also where the Bartman Begins level takes place in The Simpsons Game.


Exhibit First Appearance Description
Picture Name
SNHM birds.png Bird exhibits The Boy Who Knew Too Much A hallway with Birds in cages on the walls
Dinosaur bones.png Dinosaur bones 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky Bones of Dinosaurs
Minerals.png Minerals 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky Pretty Minerals
Museum story telling area.png Astronomy story telling 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky A recorded voice tells stories about the stars
Egyptian Artifacts.png Egyptian artifacts The Simpsons Game Egyption Artifacts, includes Hieroglyphs
Dino models.png When herbivours attack The Simpsons Game A Model of Herbivours eating a Carnivour
Zap the Past.png Zap the Past The Simpsons Game A moving Diarama
Outer space.png Outer Space The Simpsons Game Giant Balls that represent the planets
SMNH Womens Weaving.png Womens Weaving Show The Monkey Suit A show about the history of womens weaving
History of weapons.png History of weapons The Monkey Suit A wall of weapons that children can touch and bullet proof vests
Museums Imax theatre.png Museum Imax theatre The Monkey Suit A 3D theatre
History of man exhibits.png History of Man The Monkey Suit Models showing the process of evolution


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