The Springfield Mystery Spot is a tourist attraction in Springfield. It is a wooden shack in the middle of nowhere and is loosely based on the real Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, California.


Past visitors there have claimed to see the face of God, to speak in colors, shed their corporeal bodies and become floating spirits, and take pictures that don't have that annoying red-eye effect. Ozzie Smith once entered the attraction and never came out. He's seen later in the episode "Homer at the Bat", still falling and snapping a picture of Einstein's relativity equation as it floats by.

While scientists believe that it's a nexus between the space-time continuum of several dimensions intersecting in a horrible vortex of chaos, others say it's just the effects of the shack's wicked paint fumes. The mystery spot's

Ozzie Smith trapped in the Mystery Spot.

motto is "Where logic takes a holiday and all laws of nature are meaningless."

Prior to its appearance in "Homer at the Bat," Lisa Simpson incorrectly dismissed the mystery spot as being a mere puddle of mud.

The mystery spot successfully nauseates over 650 paying customers per year.


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