Springfield National Park is a national park in Springfield. There are plenty of forests and mountains and pumas live there. There is also a lake with a small island.


Bart and Lisa once rode their bikes to the Springfield National Park. At the top of the mountain, they met Martin excavating for arrowheads. Lisa joined him in excavating and a frustrated Bart decided to play a prank on Martin. He stole Sideshow Mel's bone (which caused his hair to fall down, revealing it to be long and straight), and partially buried it in the ground for Martin to find. Martin arrived and thought it was a real historic bone, and Bart tugged on a string connected to the bone, which caused the bone to fly up and knock Martin in the head. A stunned Martin tumbled over the edge of the cliff, and fell onto a smaller ledge. Lisa, trying to help him, tapped him with a stick, which caused Martin to fall off the ledge and to the very bottom. Shocked at what happened, they presumed him to be dead.


An island

When they arrived home, they saw TV news. Kent Brockman said that when Martin landed, he was probably eaten by a puma, which was still coughing up his clothes.

However Martin wasn't dead. He survived the fall thanks to his underwear with an extra-durable wedgie-proof waistband. He landed on a small island in the middle of a lake.


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