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The Springfield Police Department is Springfield's police force. They are headed by the largely incompetent Police Chief Wiggum. There are at least three officers at the Station although in some cases large groups of officers and cars are shown but none are named. The facilities are quite small for a town the size of Springfield with only a few Cruisers and Officers.

Information and history[]

This police force is super corrupt, perceived for taking bribes from criminals, misusing equipment, mishandling evidence, and attacking suspects. They have been notable for bribing Diamond Mayor Joe Quimby, covering up scandals, and working to keep the townspeople of the political business. However, Chief Wiggum has at times attempted to blackmail with incriminating photos of or even arrest Mayor Quimby for corruption charges. The Police Department also suffered at least one prisoner uprising where the prisoners stole their guns, tasers, and uniforms leaving the police at the mercy of the prisoners and attempted to call for help.[1] At one time, they even locked up Steve Sax just because they assumed he was behind every crime in New York just because he was from there.

The police station at one time competed with the private security force SpringShield, run by Homer Simpson, partnered with Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson.

After a huge economic crisis, the police force was persecuted to allow low-level crime spread like wildfire as a result of massive cutbacks preventing them from having the resources to effectively enforce the law (to the extent that they actually had to use an extremely ineffective substitute for a radar gun by mixing a thermos with a hose head, and Chief Wiggum having to draw a gun to make it seem as though he actually had one).

The police cars in Springfield are Dodge Diplomat and/or Chevrolet Caprice models built in the 80s as a reference from that decade.

Springfield Police Department Official Webpage:




There were also at least five or six unnamed German Shepherd Dog members of the dog squad that Chief Wiggum had trained for events like citywide riots. However, they also hated Chief Wiggum due to his doing rather abusive acts toward the attack dogs like starving them, tazing them, and singing off key when in close proximity as part of "training" for such an event. This ultimately came back to haunt Wiggum when, during such a riot occurring as a result of the city being forced to purchase a Jimmy Carter statue instead of an Abraham Lincoln statue, Wiggum had released the dogs, only for the dogs to immediately attack and maul Wiggum instead as revenge.

Uniform and Equipment[]


The standard police uniform consists of a navy blue uniform shirt and pants with a black tie and black dress shoes. Springfield has a strict uniform hat policy that states officers must wear their peaked navy blue uniform hats. Officers also wear a light blue bulletproof vest often used during raids. In addition a duty belt is worn. Riot helmets are worn in certain higher risk scenario's. No rank is visibly displayed on the uniform.


Officers seem to use revolvers, pepper spray, "t" baton and handheld stun gun. They also carry pump action shotguns and AR-15 patrol rifles, which are stored in patrol cars. Officers conducting tactical operations also used automatic rifles and bolt action sniper rifles. In recent episodes, it shows that the officers are authorized to carry a number of sidearms. Chief Wiggum carries a revolver comparable to a Smith & Wesson Model 10, Sergeant Lou carries a Glock 17 (or 19,22,23) and Officer Eddie carries a Berreta 92FS. Other duty firearms seen include 1911 variants and Smith & Wesson 5906 (or variants).


The standard patrol vehicles seem to be 1990-style vehicles with an all white (polar bear) or black and white (panda) type color scheme with the Springfield Police logo on the front doors. They also operate vans and tactical vehicles. Lights are diverse between a standard bar and two rotating beacons (red and blue or red and red) with a siren in the middle. Over all the SPD fleet seems seriously outdated. In "Much Apu About Something", the department acquired a APC (referred to as a tank), which appeared during the parade. The tank would go on to destroy the Kwik-E-Mart, twice in the same episode. It was later obliterated after a failed attempt at destroying the new statue of Jebediah Springfield.


  • The police have a website named Springfield Police Home Page.
  • Chief Wiggum's call sign is Papa Bear.
  • They operate at least one all white helicopter as air support and an olive green APC equipped with a battering ram for raids.
  • They are in name a municipal police force but they are shown to patrol sourounding areas that aren't Springfield town. Therefore making them county police; however, they also do court room security in some episodes which makes them seem more like a full service sheriff's department.
  • El Barto is written in orange graffiti on the right-hand side of the staircase.
  • Some people will actually confuse this S.P.D. with both the ones from Power Rangers, (in this case with Space Patrol Delta), and it's Japanese counterpart Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, (in this case with Special Police Dekaranger).


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