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The Springfield Shopper couch gag is the thirteenth couch gag of Season 21.


The Simpson family run in as usual, but just as they stop, the couch starts sneaking out of the room, making the family confused. They look up to see a headline of a Springfield Shopper issue that says, "Couch Flees Family, Hides in Newspaper" while the camera zooms out to reveal that the family is in a Springfield Shopper issue. Homer decides to turn the front page over to the Sports section, where the headline says "Couch Wins Big Game". The couch shoots a basketball through a hoop in a stadium, and sneaks away again as the family runs into the stadium. They try to look for the couch in the stadium, but to no avail.

Lisa decides to turn the page over to the Business section, where the headline says "Couch Visits NYSE". The couch is seen at the New York Stock Exchange, and sneaks away once again as the family run into the building. They try to find the couch at the NYSE, but they failed once again. Bart decides to turn the page over to an advertisement for a sofa sale, where the couch is seen on sale for $449.00 near the top right corner. As the family enters in the advert, they see the couch sneak away yet again.

Marge decides to turn the page over to the Comics section, where the couch is seen in a comic strip named "Couch Gag". It knocks an unknown family over onto the floor and leaves as the family runs into the scene while chasing the couch. As this happens, the father shakes his fist at the couch while angrily gibbering.

Finally, the page turns by itself to the "Classified" section, where the couch sees a small headline that reads, "Yellow Family Seeks Couch; All is Forgiven" while shedding a tear. The couch then turns around to see the Simpson family in front of it. Homer and the rest of the family give the couch a big reunited hug, and a spinning newspaper gag appears, where the headline says, "Family Reunited with Couch, Sits", and a photo of the family sitting on the couch appears at the bottom of the headline.

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