Springfield Sports Arena is a sports arena in Springfield. The Mixed Martial Arts Ultimate Punch, Kick and Choke Championship took place here.


Homer and Bart watched the championship there. When Marge saw Bart imitating a martial artist and fighting Nelson at the schoolyard, she decided to stop the championship. At the arena, she entered the septagon before the match and refused to leave it until the arena is torn down. Chett Englebrick, a founder and president of the championship, agreed to do it, but only under one condition: Marge had to beat him in the septagon.

At the match, Chett told Marge that he didn't want to hurt her, but he hit her so hardly she couldn't stand up. Bart entered the septagon to protect Marge, but Chett caught him and was about to hit him too. This gave Marge courage and she beat Chett. When he told her to turn her back and take a bow, he tried to attack her from behind, but failed, because Marge expected it. After the fight, Marge tried to speak to the souls of viewers, but before she ended, the arena was empty.

When everyone left the arena, Bart asked Lisa to "settle this bad blood" that's been going on between them since she was born. Lisa agreed, enetered the septagon and beat Bart.


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