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Springfield Squidport is a district and waterfront within Springfield. As the name implies, this is Springfield's main harbor. It contains a food court that allegedly serves cuisines across the globe, although it in actuality is just all-purpose meat molded into the cuisines.

Hit & Run

The Squidport also appears in The Simpsons: Hit and Run in levels 3 & 6. It is opposite Barney's Bowlarama and behind the Aztec Theater. Also, in level 6, up the ramp (with fire and ice) is a collector card. The collector card is the nameplate 'Bort'. Mr. Burns' Casino is also around the corner in those levels.

You'll know the Squidport, because if you've completed level 3, mission 1 (Nerd Race Queen), you'll need to drive into the Squidport and collect the comic books for Comic Book Guy.

The Squidport has areas such as Planet Hype, Duff Brewery and the C-Spanker.



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