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The Springfield Tire Yard, colloquially known as the Springfield Tire Fire, is a lot where tires are disposed of and then caught fire. The fire that the yard holds has become more iconic than the yard itself, making it somewhat of a landmark in the town, as demonstrated by its appearance in the Opening Sequence of Eye on Springfield. It can be smelled in forty-six states.

When Springfield was preparing to host the Olympic Games, the Springfield Tire Yard's fire was extinguished by the fire department. After Bart insults the Olympic Committee they storm out of the town. While leaving the Russian representative flicks a cigarette out of his limousine window re-igniting the tire fire.

In "Grift of the Magi", Homer, Bart, and Lisa attempt to burn all of the Funzo but before they can Gary Coleman stop them from doing so.

The fire was bulldozed into a sinkhole in "Adventures in Baby-Getting", buried under tons of asphalt, and put out; despite this, it has been seen merrily burning away in its old location since.

It was revealed in "Four Regrettings And A Funeral" that Krusty both created the pile, the tires being from his ill-fated "Krusty Town Car" venture, and started the fire (by accident), by discarding a cigar stub onto the pile of tires.

In "The Kids Are All Fight", six years in the past Bart and Lisa are found on the Tire Fire.

In the "Dogtown" Billboard gag the Tire Fire is advertised by saying Tire fire barbecue - Try our car-broiled steak.

Non-canon appearances

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In The Simpsons Road Rage, the Tire Yard is part of the sixth and final level of the game.

In The Simpsons: Hit and Run, the Springfield Tire Yard is featured in the suburban level, operating as a stunt jump.

Behind the laughter

  • The Tire Yard is one of the first things seen in the Opening Sequence when the camera pulls out of the clouds.
  • In "Flaming Moe's," the fire was celebrating its 25th anniversary (1966-1991). However, the sign in "The Old Man and the C Student" says "Est. 1989", when The Simpsons TV show premiered.
  • In "Homer's Odyssey", the Tire Yard is not on fire.