Springfield Union Station is a train station Springfield. It was once destroyed, but later probably rebuilt.


Lisa ran to the station to stop Mr. Bergstrom when he was leaving Springfield. He gave her a note saying "You are Lisa Simpson". He then left for an unknown destination, never to be seen again.

When Armin Tamzarian returned to Springfield, the citizens of Springfield forced Sergeant Skinner to leave on a train (actually tied to a chair on a freight train car).

Marshall Goldman wanted to kill Abe while their travel by the train. Homer learned it and ran to the station to stop him. In the train, Marshall pulled a gun out and directed it on Homer. Abe faked surrender by holding his hands up and then pulling the emergency brake, in which the resulting force knocked Marshall to the wall of the train, where he was buried by hat boxes.

Homer once forgot his Duff bag, with the plutonium inside (Smithers had slipped it there without Homer's noticing). A random woman noticed an abandoned bag and the panic broke out. The police decided to blow the bag up, destroying almost the whole station.

When Lady Gaga arrived to Springfield, her first concert in the city took place at the station. She sang her song Monster here, but after seeing sad Lisa, she decided to help her.



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