Vance Connor's ceremony

The Springfield Wall of Fame is a wall that has Springfield's most famous and infamous residents on it, including cartoon characters and animals. Each one has a gold plaque with his or her image, name and claim to fame, except for El Barto, who has a "?" sign instead of his image. When a new person is added, a ceremony is held to reveal the new plaque. The last known plaque added was for Vance Connor, who was the class president of Springfield High School and many people assisted to his ceremony. Principal Skinner's plaque was replaced by Homer's by the Simpson family to make him feel good about having missed the opportunity to be a class president, and it is unknown if the error was noticed and fixed or not.

Wall Residents

These are the people who have a plaque in the Wall of Fame and have their names known:



  • Strangely, there are six blank plaques. It's possible that the blank plaque that was gone later on was Homer's, though they could have just left it there instead of having it replace Skinner's.
  • The plaques are 11x4, meaning that there is room for 44 plaques.
  • Not counting the blank ones, there are only 38 out of 44 plaques.


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