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Springfield Wildcats is a pee-wee football team in Springfield.



After a health convention held in Springfield, the children of Springfield are deemed to be overweight. To help them stay in shape, the parents enrolled their children into football, and thus the "Springfield Wildcats" was created.

Ned Flanders ends up being the coach and turns out to be great at it, allowing everyone to play including girls, however despite the teams undefeated streak under his coaching he eventually and angrily quits after being fed up with Homer's constant heckling from the sidelines.

Homer turns out to be a lousy coach, and far more stereotypical in it. He cut more than half the team unnecessarily and acts tough toward Bart, but when he was reminded of when he was a child and how his father was hard on him, he decided to be nicer to Bart. The next day, he decided to cut many more players off the team including all the girls (Excluding Allison Taylor), and changes the quarterback from Nelson to Bart, causing an uproar in the team because Nelson had been carrying the team on his own after Homer took over as coach. Bart was unable to play the position well, and causes the team to lose a few games. The team then falls out with Bart and takes a dislike to him.

Bart decided to pretend he is extremely injured so he can stop being the quarterback, but Homer claimed that without Bart, the team must forfeit. Bart became angry, says he never wanted to be the quarterback anyway, and quits the team. Nelson was made the quarterback again and the team won, but Homer had nobody to celebrate with and became lonely. Afterwards, Homer found Bart and reconciled with him to join the team again.

The next day during the final championship game, the score became tied when Chief Wiggum came to arrest Nelson. Bart decided to pretend he is Nelson as he was assuming it was only for a petty crime, despite it actually being for burglary and arson. However, the team finally won the championship, and the team tried to carry Homer, unsuccessfully, off the field.