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Bears are a common animal seen around Springfield. They normally live in the woods but have been known to wander into town and cause trouble. In fact, bears are even hosts for Springfield TV shows, such as "Ben." Maggie is taken in by a family of bears while the rest of the family has to live on their own out in the woods.[1] They brought her all kinds of toys and kept her warm at night, proving that they are not all mean. In the end they were sad to see her go but as a parting gift she gave one of them one of her pacifiers. A bear appears at Evergreen Terrace, but seems passive. Afraid, the citizens pressured Mayor Quimby, making him create an Anti-Bear patrol (although it is also implied that one of the complaints regarding the bear, their stealing picnic baskets, was actually conducted by Quimby himself and not the bear).[2] Homer was also once attacked by a bear in a rubbish dump and went to fight it again to regain his dignity, only to then take it to a nature reserve. A Bear, when Mt. Springfield caught on fire, attempted to escape via the Helicopter's ladder, but Homer (who was drunk) cut it down with the bear still on it. The Bear then just fled through the forest. It is unknown if that particular bear survived or not.




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