Springfield is Not Enough! is a comic story featured in Simpsons Comics 243.


Hank Scorpio returns to Springfield in an attempt to take over the world, and employs Homer to help him.

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At Moe's, Hank Scorpio paid Professor Frink to produce a memory-erasing ray gun for him. Homer asks why Scorpio is in town, and Scorpio says that his inner voice told him to visit his only friend, who happens to be Homer, as all of Scorpio's other friends are now dead. Scorpio announces that he will take over Springfield, and begins by shooting Moe with the memory-erasing ray.

The next day, Scorpio shows up to Mayor Quimby's office and offers to let Scorpio take over Springfield, as Quimby wants a vacation. While Bart and Lisa are watching Krusty on TV, Scorpio interrupts the program to mention that Springfield is now running on solar power. This move outrages Mr. Burns, who confronts Scorpio (along with Smithers), and asks Smithers how to get rid of Burns's "old man smell" from his office. Scorpio tells Burns that the Sun Blocker (from "Who Shot Mr. Burns?") showed him the importance of solar energy, and makes a request to have Homer work for him.

At Springfield Elementary, the solar plant has allowed Springfield to sell excess power to Capital City, allowing more funding to the school. The school has hired "Learning Coaches" with the extra funding. After Homer begins working for Scorpio, he arrives home with food from Costly-Burger, and explains that Scorpio is paying Homer ten times the salary. Homer then goes to Moe's and realizes Moe is acting differently (due to the effects of the memory-erasing ray), and Homer tells Barney that with the extra money, Bart and Lisa have their own platinum credit cards. Bart uses his to pay for an actress that looks like Agnes Skinner for a prank where Principal Skinner takes her to lunch instead of Agnes, and Lisa uses hers to buy a jazz pony.

Scorpio shows Homer the changes to Springfield, which includes a 3D movie theater; Channel 6 is only allowed to report on good news, and Moe's Tavern has a large satellite dish. Scorpio trusts Homer so much he lets Homer hold his notebook as long as Homer doesn't look inside. After dinner, Bart takes the notebook from a sleeping Homer, and along with Lisa, discovers that Scorpio is trying to distract everyone from his plan of taking over the world, which includes missiles. They make a phone call to Mayor Quimby about what they've discovered, and the three of them sneak into Scorpio's office, but Scorpio is waiting for them. He hid guided missiles in the Springfield Sign, with each letter containing a missile that targets a country beginning with that letter. Homer then shows up, and Scorpio decides to launch all the missiles at once. Homer then throws coffee at the control panel, causing it to melt. Scorpio returns control of Springfield to Quimby and gives up on his plan of world domination. Then Homer bumps into a secondary control panel, causing a giant laser aimed at Greece to go off. However, the giant laser is only set to "Laser eye surgery strength," and the laser actually improves the vision of the people in Greece to where they no longer need glasses.


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