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Sprooklyn is a district in Springfield.

Points of interest

Kurt Hardwick and Ethan Ballantyne live in Sprooklyn at 652 8th Avenue. Business located in Sprooklyn include the popular sandwich shop, Sprubway, and a Dregs. There is an also a big mural of Lisa painted on the side of a building.


Sprooklyn is a dump of a district that has been vandalized, has low-quality housing and has a history of violence with the sound of gunshots being a common occurrence. When Lisa got bored with normal life, she left home to seek out Kurt and Ethan and see what sort of life they led in Sprooklyn. She found out that Sprooklyn was not the amazing place Kurt and Ethan made it out to be and wanted to go home. Marge came to collect her, and they saw the mural of Lisa as they left.


Behind the laughter

Sprooklyn is a parody of Brooklyn, a borough of New York City. Its name is a portmanteau of "Springfield" and "Brooklyn".