Squawky is a bald Eagle that the Simpsons had to take care of.


When Lisa was feeding the little birds in her birdhouse, a bald eagle captured two of the birds and began devouring them in a tree. Marge suggested to Lisa that the bald eagle was giving them food before she told Homer to get his "shooing broom". He told Marge that an eagle is the USA's mascot and fighting him would be "like kicking George Washington in his wooden nuts". After Homer said this, the eagle picked up Maggie and began flying away with her but Homer grabbed Maggie and concluded that is was war between him and the eagle and told Bart to get his toupee after Squawky pulled his hair out.

Later, when Bart and Milhouse were playing Mouse Catch on Bart's bed in his room, the eagle attempted and succeeded in getting the toy mouse. Homer soon captured the bald eagle with a broom and plastic bag. Lisa insisted to Homer they nurse the bird back to health and Bart named it "Squawky". Four weeks later, they set Squawky free however as it flies away, Squawky is suddenly incinerated by the engine of Elon Musk's flying vehicle.


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